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Before | After: A new person emerges! What do you think of this color session by @bauscolor using @oligopro @olaplex @randco at Tallulah East Draper. #tallulaheastsalons
We’ve been talking about that front highlight or “money piece” this week! Here’s another version for a brunette that is subtle and beautiful. What do you think? Client color & cut by @beautyvoodoo #tallulaheastsalons
Money pieces are not just for blondes! Like this golden money piece paired with shades of copper for the most on-trend goals by our color specialist for bright colors in all bold shades: @beautyvoodoo 
Reds and coppers have their own place on our list of services because at Tallulah East each stylist has specialized skills for certain hair types and color goals. Tag a red head who has beautiful hair!! Color and cut by our Salt Lake Salon Director @bauscolor #tallulaheastsalons
Our job is quite a unique skill set! Wouldn’t you agree? 

Bridal Stylist 
Blonde Specialist
Assistant Stylist

See our website to learn why our team culture rocks! See photos of our modern salon vibes and large private stylist stations with mountain views.

Offering technical & business classes, welcome gift of R&Co products, purchase of the colorline of your choice, a career path to open your own Tallulah East! Honestly, it’s all true. Go ask both @bauscolor and @shar.mitchell.hair to tell you their success stories since partnering with Tallulah East! 

Text now for more information. #tallulaheastsalons
Calling all brides! We have an award-winning team for your styling goals. Airbrush makeup & modern hairstyles are available for you and your bridal party. We even travel! Message us for more information and to put a hold on your 2021 wedding date. Our schedule is filling fast! 👰🏽💍💕 #tallulaheastsalons
Honored to be working with my dear friend @shar.mitchell.hair — she is so talented and kind, intuitive and organized. A great mother, hair stylist, boss lady, healer and friend.

Sharlene and I have been friends since I moved to Utah three years ago, and our paths crossed professionally when Covid happened. We both needed help to grow our businesses and during such unpredictable times came new opportunities for us to support each other and a strong trust/bond was created between us.

In June of last year, Sharlene joined Tallulah East as our Draper Salon Director and brought over her successful bridal business to grow together. 

I’m so grateful for her in my life and the obstacles we have overcome since working together. Our team’s future looks brighter than ever and I’m so very grateful to share that Sharlene is a big part of that. 

Photo is our on-site lunch from @vesselkitchen during our Tallulah East Editorial shoot. #tallulaheastsalons
Styling hair for events & bridal can be just as artistic as coloring. Let’s enjoy this one together! By @beautyvoodoo who is part of our award-winning bridal team specializing in hair & airbrush makeup for your big day. 💍 #tallulaheastsalons
Is your hair stylist a light in your life? I know those talented humans who work at Tallulah East are making bright moments for others and I’m beyond impressed. 

I know this because of the messages sent to me from clients, gushing over the salon, our service steps and their results, but also just as importantly, the way they feel after their time with us! 

@shar.mitchell.hair @beautyvoodoo @claudettemarkovic @slc.honeyhair @hairbycollin @hairbynoeymyers @bauscolor @kp.color 

Thank you for the work you do! I love each of you and find inspiration from the way you move through the world and the people you share your light with. 

Thank you for making Tallulah East the award-winning salon community we all dreamed it could be. I’m so excited to continue this beautiful work with you! 
💛, J
💯 Hair Goal Solved! THICKER & FULLER. Is Rodeo Star in your styling routine? It should be. 

I could watch this again and again! By @beautyvoodoo using @randco #tallulaheastsalons
These gray days can bring some intense gloom to Creatives/Hairstylists, so I wanted to share some methods I use to keep away the winter blues. I call this time of the year my “winter slowdown” and by looking at the cycles of animals & nature, we can take a cue as to what this season might be intended for.

Here are some of my winter rituals that have developed/ served me well over the years:

 🥰 I only make social plans that heal or uplift and I save any commitments that don’t serve me during winter for later. This allows me to be in “winter slowdown” to reflect internally more than in summer months. This effort impacts the way spend my free time & money, which looks very different than summertime. For example, I love planning time alone watching @wearegaia , writing cards to loved ones & creating art more now than any other time of the year.

🎵I listen to music every chance I get! This will raise the vibration around you. The Calm app @calm has a music category called Relax which has been on repeat for my midday pick-me-up.

💊I take Liquid Vitamin D drops daily (or I go get a 30-50,000 IU shot of D from @fikainfusion ) to keep my energy up.

🌲I go barefoot on the earth for 10-15 minutes whenever possible. This can recharge your internal clock and help with healing, clarity & energy. This is known as Grounding or Earthing.

🔮I write in a notebook often and about anything that my mind wants to unload... art, poems, ideas, goals etc. Doing this is always inspiring and helps me realize that even if my body feels tired, I am full of ideas to action on later in the year. Writing things down has a very powerful impact on your mental & emotional health.
Do you feel the same about winter and what are your rituals? I’d love to know! 
💛J #tallulaheastsalons
What a beauty!!! Painted by our Foilayage-Master @hairbynoeymyers who hands-down can paint balayage dreams into the most challenging hair types.

New clients can go to our Draper salon calendar to snag a time with Noelle Myers who’s bringing her hometown, California-vibes to her new Tallulah East clientele in Utah.

Do YOU know the difference between Balayage & Foilayage? #tallulaheastsalons
Considering strawberry blonde!? This makes me looooove that idea! It warms up the skin (especially for blue-eyed beauties) so less makeup and lots of shine from the copper undertones makes this one a favorite of mine. 

Client color & cut by Vidal Sasoon-trained Claudette Markovic at our Draper salon. For more of her stunning client transformations follow her @claudettemarkovic  #tallulaheastsalons
We have ALWAYS had PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS so last year did not bring us the same challenges as other salons; however, we did get serious about all the ways we could make our clients feel safe and MORE comfortable than ever before. 

With that, I’d like to say thank you to our clients for being part of our STAY SAFE initiative. We have mastered our safety processes and we appreciate those of you who have shared this in your online reviews of Tallulah East. We take pride in knowing we are delivering the BEST experience available!

Big thank you to my team as well, for making this happen every single day, at every single appointment! 🥇🥇🥇 photo of @slc.honeyhair at our Draper, UT salon #tallulaheastsalons
It’s another beautiful winter day in Utah! 📸 @beautyvoodoo with her pup at Bonneville Salt Flats. What a gorgeous view right? Have you been? #tallulaheastsalons
Listen here, loves! Creating white blonde hair dreams IS our passion but BEWARE of the facts before you do. Here are our client guidelines to help you make the best decision for you.

1- this is the MOST you can change your hair so it’s the HARDEST on your hair health (we aren’t even kidding about that a little bit!)
2- many, many Blonde Specialists in the world can do lovely blonde goals all day but NOT white blonde for all hair types. one photo on a stylists IG of white blonde hair does not mean that he or she can do that for YOUR hair (so do your homework!)
3- it will take 2-4 sessions for each and every BRUNETTE to get to this goal if you’d like your hair to be in good shape after each session (no breakage sounds important, right!?)
4- it will cost you the SAME for each of your color sessions because we will do the same steps at every visit until you are to your white blonde goal
5- you MUST repair your hair at-home between sessions and we recommend budgeting $100 -$150 for the product we match to your hair type & needs
6- this look WILL fade to yellow no matter who does it so you WILL need to get regular toner appointments in-salon or wash at-home with a toning shampoo or conditioner. The right brand & shade will depend on your hair’s health (purple hair vs white blonde is why you ask your stylist what to use.)

LASTLY, we love this hair goal! We love giving you your dream hair with integrity and gaining your trust from the onset, so be kind and listen to your stylist. And change your hair goals if any of the above costs or guidelines do not work for you. There are plenty of gorgeous blonde options out there to choose from!

And for those ready to take the leap to white blonde hair dreams, we recommend a consultation to create a custom plan and budget with your Tallulah East recommended stylist.

Get matched by texting, anytime. #tallulaheastsalons 📸 painted by stylist @beautyvoodoo 
our other white blonde specialists are: @slc.honeyhair @claudettemarkovic @hairbycollin @bauscolor
Behind the magic with @beautyvoodoo 🌈🥇🍬 And please don’t come after her, she got a mask that fits better. Promise! 😘 #tallulaheastsalons
Our most sold, most loved hair care product of 2020 was..... 🏊‍♀️ WATERFALL by @randco because it’s the perfect balance of hydration without weighing down your hair. We. Love. It. Tell us, have you tried it and should we put it into our next giveaway??? 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #tallulaheastsalons
Our team looooves animals and I wanted to share this cute pic from our Blonde Specialist @slc.honeyhair with her doggy-love David. 🐶🐾 Who else is a fur-parent? Share your animal & name for us to enjoy! #tallulaheastsalons
Delivering, as promised, my favorite pic from our latest editorial shoot at the salon! Beautiful hair color, cut, makeup & design by our expert colorist @beautyvoodoo 📸💙 What does this photo make you think of or feel? 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 #tallulaheastsalons

Awarded “Best Balayage” + “Best Blonde Salon” + “Best Hair Color” 2020



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Award-winning Salon & Stylists.

Tallulah East Collective specializes in women’s hair color & balayage in Draper & Salt Lake City, Utah. 




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Luxury, private appointments for adults with a Tallulah East stylist matched to you based on your hair type & goals.


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New clients must book online.

Most stylists work at both locations.

Not all stylists do the same services & colors. 





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Short & Razor Haircuts for all hair types.




Advanced highlighting for Latina, Indian, Asian, Hispanic hair.

Brunette & Blonde Balayage Goals.




Brunette Balayage Goals. Sun-Kissed Blonde Goals. Vivid / Creative Colors.


“Claudia did the most beautiful balayage I have ever had! It looked even better then the photos…This salon is amazing!”





Platinum Blonde Goals.

Sun-kissed Blonde Goals.

Brunette Balayage / Foilayage.

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Curly Hair. Short Hair. Color Changes & Color Corrections for all hair types.

“Brie was so amazing in every way! Hands down the best hair dresser I have ever had!”





 Award-Winning Bridal Hair & Makeup. Advanced Hair Extensions. Brazilian Blowouts. Balayage & Color Corrections.  



 Goals for clients over 40.

Color Corrections. Advanced Haircuts. Balayage for all hair types.

“Collin McNeal is amazing! The best in hair stylist I have ever been to!”




Advanced Balayage & Foilayage for Blondes & Brunettes.

“I am grateful to have found Katie at Tallulah East …she makes me feel like a movie star every time! … The experience of visiting Tallulah East is also luxurious — beautiful decor, great service, and they use the most high-quality products.”


Jennifer brought her love for the beauty industry to Utah when she moved with her husband in 2017 from Seattle. Jennifer and her team work to break away from the industry standard to deliver a more personalized salon experience and exceptional hair color — no exceptions.

She is not taking new clients at this time.



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At Tallulah East, we believe in:

Connectedness and gratitude for our artistry

Owning our art by matching our satisfaction with your happiness

Educating clients on safety, proper care and long-term solutions

Delivering the best available products, techniques and services

Creating forever clients and friendships

Promoting the perfect balance of inner and outer beauty

Sharing our mission in cities across the country


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what you can expect.

PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS:   Get better results and more attention from your stylist in our relaxing, VIP salon environment featuring private spaces for every client.

PRICE AWARENESS:   Never pay more for extra bowls of color, toners, length of hair, etc with us. Because we don’t charge add-on costs to our color services, you’ll be able to know pricing in advance.

TIME & ATTENTION:    We never rush through your appointment. We plan results that stay and details you love. Appointment lengths vary and extra time is reserved for your first visit with us. To learn more about what to expect from our New Client Experience, send a text to us with a photo of your hair & your goals.

RELAXATION:   We want your time with us to be relaxing so we have created an adults-only environment. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you bring a baby or child to your appointment you will be asked to reschedule.

LEARN FROM US: We offer personalized education for your hair. Bring your questions, products from home and hot tools to have your stylist teach you best practices.

HAIR HEALTH:   We prioritize the health of your hair by including repair treatments like Olaplex and R&Co Hair Care (@randco) with every color service.

TAKE HOME THE BEST: Shop award-winning R&Co Hair Care to preserve your hair color and recreate your salon hair again at home.



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